Thermal Evasion Gear - End Of Winter Sale!

Greetings, Alt-Market readers, it has been a while since we have run a sale on ThermTAC Thermal Evasion Gear, so, now through to February 28th we will be offering 15% OFF on all thermal cloaks, pants and shelters to Alt-Market readers ONLY (be sure to mention "End Of Winter Sale" when making a purchase).  ThermTac gear reduces your thermal signature up to 90% and makes you virtually invisible to low-grade as well as high-grade FLIR imaging scopes and cameras.  You can see the ThermTAC Cloak in action in our demo video here:

You can read more about how the cloak is built and how it works here. And, here are a couple images of our shelter system:

Alt-Market is taking orders for ThermTAC Suits and Shelters.  Please keep in mind that our production capabilities are limited, and these custom hand-made suits require careful construction techniques.  Orders will be filled on a first-come-first-served basis.  Shipping times depend on how many orders we are processing at the moment of purchase, but items usually ship within two weeks to three weeks.  We offer gear in Forest Marpat Camo, Multicam and A-TACS AU (add $50 for Multicam and A-TACS)

ThermTAC Cloak - $650

ThermTAC Pants - $250

Cloak Length Extension - $150

ThermTAC Shelter - $350


For more information or to make a purchase contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


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US only?
written by Bug Smasher , February 01, 2018

Hi Brandon,

Do you still sell these only within United States? I'm up North of the 49th and wouldn't mind having something like this one day.

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Brandon Smith
written by Brandon Smith , February 01, 2018


Contact me by email.

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